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28 May 2021

Orientbell Tiles launches Zenith – A range inspired by the planets and the stars

Orientbell Tiles, a reputed name amongst the tile manufacturers of the country is bringing an exclusive range of tiles – Zenith, inspired by the surface, the colour and the textures of planets and stars. The Zenith range adds colours to your space. The vast varieties of tiles are designed uniquely to offer a cozy, spacious look to your home or workspace with their soothing colours and textures.

The new range brings together distinguishing designs that infuse freshness and choice through nine exquisite patterns and colours based on the nine planets in our solar system- Mercury White, Venus Brown, Mars Charcoal Red, Jupiter Beige, Saturn Crema, Uranus Green, Neptune Blue and Pluto Coffee.

Bring class and style to your commercial and residential spaces with our ‘Zenith’ range. These tiles are also highly durable, easy to clean and maintain. They can be laid in multiple patterns or can also be clubbed or coordinated with different colours. This comes with the strength & durability of double charge vitrified tiles, where a layered design is fused with a base layer to give longer-lasting aesthetics. This versatile range of shades can bring alive creativity in your space.

“As the name suggests, Zenith unfolds the possibilities of bringing alive your dream space with distinct patterns, attributing it to a different world, far far away! The tiles are suitable to be placed in bedrooms, living rooms, or high traffic areas such as restaurants and offices,” says Alok Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer, Orientbell Tiles...Read More